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amo ergo sum

LET’S DANCE TOGETHER ,Galerie Modern Art, Wien, Stichting de appel, Amsterdam


Stichting de Appel, Amsterdam and Galerie Modern Art, Vienna 1979
My face is covered by a mask of pacifiers while I ask the audience in a pantomime to come into the room, from which dance music can be heard.
As soon as the room fills up, I – tied to a wheelchair with ropes – go unnoticed as I mingle with the dancers and attempt to dance with them. A stroboscope cuts up the movements, the dancers only notice me after some time and start to react.
Photos: Harry Ertl, Helmut Kortan

Translation: Hedi Pfennigbauer, Margarethe Clausen, out of
Let’s twist again: Historische und aktuelle Positionen der Performance in Österreich,
Carola Dertnig, Stefanie Seibold (Hg), DeA-Verlag, 2006