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amo ergo sum

Renate Bertlmann - AMO ERGO SUM - Works 1972 -2010


Renate Bertlmann
Catalogue of Works
Since the early 1970s, Renate Bertlmann has been considered one of the international pioneers of the European avantgarde. In her extensive oeuvre she targets our society and its gender relations with a distinctive and subtle sense of irony. In the digital catalogue of works her more than 3,000 pieces are fully documented for the first time, encompassing the fields of painting, graphic art, object art, installation, photography, film and performance: an opulent pictorial broadsheet illustrating feminist cultural history that leaves one eagerly anticipating her future inventions.

ISBN 978-3-90186735-4
Published by:Renate Bertlmann, Wien
Media owner:D.E.A. Almhofer & Cie KG, Gumpoldskirchen – Wien

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